Have you ever found yourself so excited about something you had no choice but to jump straight in?

Fancy Favours was born from my desire to follow my passion and send some sweetness and beauty out into the world.

 As a qualified chef my passion for baking started almost 20 years ago but as life pulls you in different directions, I found myself in sales and joined the corporate rat race. A young and single go-getter I had a gift for sales and quickly established myself as a valuable team member in the wine industry (#yum).

 After marrying and having my two sweetest creations this country girl at heart felt like slowing down so I began to bake again and seriously…IT’S. JUST. MY. JAM! The creativity, the smells, the joy of seeing someone else enjoy something that I made…to me is just magic.

So here we are, these days you can find me cooking up a storm, relaxing with my family and friends on the beautiful Gold Coast or road tripping back to the country for a little rest and rejuvenation.

Thanks for your visit xo Kristy.